so I have an essay in Meat for Tea: The Valley Review

It’s almost New Year’s, which is the perfect time to say that I’ve got a flash essay in Raw, otherwise known as volume 15, issue 4 of Meat for Tea: The Valley Review! The essay is structured as a recipe, although it’s not just about food: it’s about carrying on the traditions of people who would hate your guts. Basically, I guess it’s about family. … Continue reading so I have an essay in Meat for Tea: The Valley Review

So I went to #SSCFest2019

This past weekend, I attended my second writers’ conference: StoryStudio Chicago‘s Writers’ Festival 2019. It was very different than the first writers’ conference I attended, last year—smaller, more intimate, more immediate, an overall better fit, I think, for someone like me. I’ve already given something close to a step-by-step catalog of what happened at SSCFest19, or at least at the sessions I attended, so I’m … Continue reading So I went to #SSCFest2019

So I Went to This Writers’ Conference

The second weekend in August—or, rather, the second Thursday, Friday, and Saturday—I did something I’ve never done before: I attended my first writers’ conference. It’s the first time I have ventured into a writers’ space: they belong to my grandmother, you see, who attended them, and taught at them, and guest lectured, and after years and years of being told it was so cute that … Continue reading So I Went to This Writers’ Conference