Fangs & Foul Play (issue 0-1)

Fangs & Foul Play (Issues 0-1), by L.K. Ingino and Alex Guenther with colors by Ilaria Fella and Mariam Yasser, letters by Joel Rodriguez, and editing by Chuck Pineau, is, fundamentally, very funny. I mean, okay, sure, it’s horror. But mostly it’s just funny. Issue 0 is “The Enthralling.” I guess our dudebro is “an ex-army colonel with a tortured past,” because Kickstarter told me … Continue reading Fangs & Foul Play (issue 0-1)

Slice of Life #1

Slice of Life, by Kat Calamia, Phil Falco, and Valeria Peri, with letters by Tyler Esposito and Garth Mattams, started out life on Webtoon Canvas. (Tangentially, I’m always sort of startled by the high quality of some of what hangs out on Canvas. Definitely not all, obviously, but some of it is better than a lot of the originals.) Slice of Life is marketed as … Continue reading Slice of Life #1

Vampire Emmy and the Garbage Girl

Vampire Emmy and the Garbage Girl, by Pat Shand, Roberta Ingranata, Carola Borelli, and Jim Campbell, is short and funny and surprisingly tender. It is, as the first section is titled, a Meet Cute—with, of course, vampires and shapeshifters and small demons (and raccoons). While they’re all collected in one volume, the book is itself almost a series of vignettes, an exploration of a burgeoning … Continue reading Vampire Emmy and the Garbage Girl

after National Librarian Day

It’s Easter, if you celebrate it on the western calendar, and also the midst of Ramadan, and right around Passover too. It is also, apparently, the day after National Librarian Day, and I have about as many feelings about that as I always have around National Library Week. Events like National Library Week and National Library Workers’ Day and National Librarian Day are meant, at … Continue reading after National Librarian Day

Any Way the Wind Blows: A Original

Seanan McGuire’s “Any Way the Wind Blows,” published originally right here on’s website, is very short, very funny, very charming, and very good. Which is far too many verys in one sentence, is it not? But it is a delightful little piece of writing. The premise is fairly simple: our captain and her crew, aboard the good airship Stubby (aka Her Majesty’s Stalwart Triumph … Continue reading Any Way the Wind Blows: A Original

on serving preservice teachers during a time of book banning

Mine is a wildly varied job, one where I spend a large part of my time giving directions (printer’s over there, bathroom’s yonder, oh sorry you want the men’s bathroom that’s thataway, yeah we finally have a color printer again it’s yonder) and then can bounce in a moment to doing intensive research and hunting down difficult to find primary sources. (I’ve gotten really good … Continue reading on serving preservice teachers during a time of book banning

four mini reviews, four informational picture books

These aren’t quite capsule reviews, or even lightning reviews, but they are a series of short book reviews of informational kids’ books that I read on Friday—because, as a librarian who works with children’s literature a lot so I can serve preservice teachers and preservice speech therapists, I need to know that lit. And preservice teachers really need informational texts. Before I launch into these … Continue reading four mini reviews, four informational picture books