Reluctant Royals: A Princess in Theory

It’s an interesting time to read a romance novel about a grad student in public health who investigates a potential plague of unknown origins while coping with governmental slashing of science budgets, which means that I maybe cried a little more than usual while reading the first book in Alyssa Cole’s Reluctant Royals series, A Princess in Theory. Cole does an incredible job of playing … Continue reading Reluctant Royals: A Princess in Theory

Asian American Voices: Fiction & Poetry

Content Note I think it goes without saying that the works listed here are all #OwnVoices, either written or illustrated (or both) by members of the Asian American community. I’m going wide, in this community: by “American,” I mean of the Americas, the continents, not the country. I’m going to throw in some movies here, as long as they fit under that #OwnVoices representation. Also … Continue reading Asian American Voices: Fiction & Poetry

Prime Meridian

The dystopia of Silvia Moreno-Garcia’s bleak Prime Meridian is eerily close to the world we inhabit, from its cataclysmic wealth gaps1 and grinding, hopeless poverty to its environment toppling over the edge of complete disaster. It’s short, bleak, and rich, and it feels almost more like a trip through the world I inhabit than a fleeting visit to a science-fiction dystopia. Our heroine—or maybe main … Continue reading Prime Meridian

after valentine’s 2020

I’m a voracious romance reader. I’m also not a particularly romantic person (nothing quite like instalove to make me hysterical!), and when I tried to put together a list of books for today, figuring I could (I mean, I read romance, for crying out loud!), I realized it just wasn’t going to happen. Last year’s booklist was for Galentine‘s; today, the day after Valentine’s, I’m … Continue reading after valentine’s 2020

empire, war, & people: a booklist in response to current events

When our countries go marching to war, our propaganda machines start spinning, and it is all too easy to forget that the people Over There are just people, not so different from you and I. I’d like, if possible, to counteract those propaganda machines—the war pigs, if you will—even if just a little. Continue reading empire, war, & people: a booklist in response to current events