2020: Taking Stock of a Year of Plague

How does one even take stock of a year like this? Is it in deaths? My neighbor, who was a loving grandfather to the neighborhood, and one of our first losses to COVID? My sweet Siamese, my mother’s baby, claimed too soon by cancer? The hundred or so of my mother’s colleagues who lost their lives to COVID? The coworkers of mine whose lives were … Continue reading 2020: Taking Stock of a Year of Plague

2019 & the coming twenties

New Year’s Eve always brings with it the ghosts of the past, the might-have-beens and should-have-dones and if-onlys. Sometimes they’re tempered with hope—it’s a new year coming, a new slate, a chance for something better! Sometimes they aren’t. Either way, I tend to try not to look back, lest I get lost in those if onlys. I’m feeling this even more in 2019, another rough … Continue reading 2019 & the coming twenties

2018: A Year Lived, With Books

I said I’d list some of my favorite diverse books this year, and then never got around to it: getting around to things is, sometimes, not my forte. (Other times it is.) I also planned to do some sort of stock-taking, much as I did last year—and so, as 2018 winds to its tumultuous end, I’ve decided to combine the two. 2018 was a year … Continue reading 2018: A Year Lived, With Books