Ghost Variations

Classical music is a world of love and death, often tangled together. In that world of love and death and passion, Robert and Clara Wieck Schumann and Johannes Brahms are, most likely, not the only love triangle to triangulate, but they are definitely one of the more intense. Tragic, passionate, dark: there are surely a lot of words to describe their triangle, which, as far … Continue reading Ghost Variations

Leap Day! 2016: An Inelegant Hodgepodge

It’s Leap Day! We’ve had our “extra” day of February, which started like a lamb (almost) and ended rather like a lion, even though it isn’t quite March yet. But why on earth do we have an extra day? I’m going to leave that to the one and only Neil deGrasse Tyson, who has also tweeted about it. Leap Year is extra weird, since, as The Telegraph explains, it actually doesn’t happen every four years, as it didn’t happen in, say, 1900, or in 2000. The Georgian calendar is just too fancy for that, or something.

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