Fangs & Foul Play (issue 0-1)

Fangs & Foul Play (Issues 0-1), by L.K. Ingino and Alex Guenther with colors by Ilaria Fella and Mariam Yasser, letters by Joel Rodriguez, and editing by Chuck Pineau, is, fundamentally, very funny. I mean, okay, sure, it’s horror. But mostly it’s just funny.

Issue 0 is “The Enthralling.” I guess our dudebro is “an ex-army colonel with a tortured past,” because Kickstarter told me so, but I also never cared all that much about Richard or his moral qualms, poor bugger. I was reading for Fang. In my opinion Richard should have noticed something was wrong when the town was named Bludville, and hopping into an apparently empty house is always kind of a bad vibe (think Beauty & the Beast!), but hey. He’s our resident Gothic dipshit, and one always needs one of those.

Shoutout here, to Alex Guenther’s art. Fang is a beautiful depiction of a vampiric cat, moving from a sweet cute black kitty to a demon beast with glowing eyes, and then to a goofy little dude again. Fang just wants to be fed, guys. It’s the same as any other cat! In fact, there are moments when it feels like Fang’s just carrying it to a slightly more extreme version of every cat person’s 5 AM feed me or I’ll eat you wake up call.

Fang also gets some really great dialogue, coupled with swaggering and head tilts familiar to all of us who love cats: “Richard? I may have to think of a new name for you. So blasé. Perhaps something more flashy like… Ah! Couscous, or perhaps Milkshake. Spot could do in a pinch…Definitely a Dick. I’ll think up something appropriately fetching later.” (And how often have I said that Elvis fits my boy because he is a swaggering charmer bursting with charisma?)

Buldville is a bizarre town, filled to the brim with secrets, and I do hope that the creative team return to give us another installment. This isn’t a terribly deep comic, and it doesn’t much explore social issues or class issues or much of anything, but it’s a hell of a lot of fun, and sometimes, I need that more than just about anything else.

Also, I really want to know why Bludville is Bludville, and why on earth it’s so jacked up.

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