it is done (and only just beginning)

It is done: they called it, this morning, for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. My body responded as it always responds, and I went weak and shook with relief and every joint in my body screamed, a little worse than usual, because the tension of this week has done them no favors. It is done, it is said, it is declared. We are almost to the finish line.

And yet. It is not done, and I think all of us know that. To say that the work is only just beginning is surely such a cliché as to verge on the absurd, and yet tropes are there for a reason, are they not? The work is only just beginning. We failed with Reconstruction, though Grant gave it his best shot: had we done it right, maybe we would be somewhere very different now. We must do our best to do better now.

And I’ll say again what I’ve been saying since around the time I turned fourteen: abolish the electoral college.